• Jenzi Drop Shot Leader Kit

Jenzi Drop Shot Leader Kit

- 2 leaders
- 2 weights
- Foam roller
- Ultra sharp hooks
- Ready to use!
- Easy to fish
- Perfect for perch and zander
- Aggressive strikes are guaranteed!

With the Jenzi Drop Shot Leader Kit you will have everything you need to catch a big perch or zander with this fun and exciting technique!

The leaders have already been tied and fitted with ultra sharp hooks. All you have to do is put a soft bait on the hook and attach a weight to the leader. You are now ready to try this exciting finesse technique!

Gently drag the weight along the bottom and take a pause from time to time. Letting the lure suspend just off the bottom without moving for a few seconds is a good thing. This is the perfect imitation of a small baitfish swimming just off the bottom and about to be taken by a perch. Aggressive strikes are guaranteed!

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Jenzi Drop Shot Leader Kit

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