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Fishing clothing, particularly your choice of a jacket, can make all the difference when you are fishing in foul conditions. Depending on what you have chosen to invest in will make the difference between being cold and miserable or dry and comfortable. When selecting an outer layer jacket, there are so many things to consider. Breathability, weight, protection from wind and rain, insulation and manoeuvrability. Other notable features to consider include storage, size, and length. Questions to ask yourself: will I be wading? Do I want my jacket to go beyond waist length? Do I need plenty of arm movement for casting? If you are very clear about what you are looking for, it makes the job of choosing the right jacket for the type of fishing you do, much simpler.

Greys Cold Weather Wading Jacket will answer a lot of your questions. It is perfect for Trout fly anglers, who like to wade either in rivers or the margins of lochs, reservoirs, stillwaters, and lakes. Salmon anglers will find the jacket especially useful because it is just the right length for your chest waders so you will not get soaked when wading waist deep. The goal of this coat is protecting you from the harshest of weather conditions but keeping your warm and dry at the same time. Staying dry in harshest of conditions is a challenge, but featuring Climatex Material, this wading jacket is the perfect cold weather solution.

Climatex is a three-layer material that is designed to work a bit like Gore-Tex but is nowhere near as expensive. The function of Climatex is about balancing temperature, regulating moisture and increased durability. For anglers, this is important. If you are wearing multiple layers comprising of a base-layer, micro-fleece, windproof jacket and a waterproof, moisture reduction is a must because you can suffer from the 'refrigeration' effect. Refrigeration of the body occurs when cold air meets wet, saturated clothing which over a sustained period can cause Hypothermia. However, Climatex features natural and synthetic fibres woven to create a capillary effect in the fabric. The capillaries absorb moisture and quickly drain it away from the body, and the surface remains dry. Climatex is also energy conserving because it increases a feeling of warmth and well-being without using energy.

Climatex is an innovative technology that is the product of extensive testing. Firstly, each batch of natural fibres is tested for plausibility and needs to be certified. The strands are then tested again before spinning into the actual material. The process of dying, spinning, weaving and finishing is achieved using reduced amounts of water which saves 50% energy. 90% renewable energy also powers colouring and follows the strictest ecological constraints. Finishing utilises Hydrodynamic and mechanical processes to ensure the fabric's appearance, texture, and easy-care properties. And at the end of all this, the product is certificated to provide the highest standards of sustainability and innovation. Therefore you can be confident that the material in this jacket is of the highest quality and has passed the strictest of standards.

The jacket is ergonomically cut with features to benefit the most demanding anglers. It features two chest zip pockets for carrying essential items such as your phone and wallet, two outer chest pockets that can fit small lure or fly boxes, tools or spools of tippet material. The hood has an elasticated drawstring to tighten it and to pull the visor down to protect your face from wind and rain. The sleeves have velcro fasteners and a neoprene layer to protect you from cold wind or water going up the arm. The seams are well taped and extremely waterproof, and the zips are very strong and durable. The full zip at the front is also protected by a storm flap to increase waterproofing even further.

Overall the Greys Cold Weather Wading Jacket, featuring Climatex is an excellent quality, stylish item of fishing clothing that is suitable for many fishing situations. It has a modern design, doesn't feel 'thin' like other fishing jackets, features the stylish greys logo, and, regarding protection is as good as a Gore-Tex jacket. Therefore, you can be confident this fishing coat will give you years of good use.

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Greys Cold Weather Wading Jacket

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