• All Ireland Tide Table 2022

The must-have improved TIDE TABLES 2022 for fishermen and seafarers.

The pocket-sized, All-Ireland TIDE TABLES 2022 features tidal predictions for five primary ports - Cobh, Dublin, Belfast, Galway and Tarbert together with local variations for over 100 secondary ports around the coast.

This well-designed, full-colour publication utilises colour-coding to enable speedy location of the required primary and secondary ports.

In addition to tidal predictions, TIDE TABLES 2022 gives a MAYDAY protocol, and provides dates for phases of the moon, together with highlighted dates to enable quick visual identification of spring and neap tides. 

A Met Eireann map of the coast stations and headlands of Ireland and an Irish Coast Guard map of the marine VHF communications network is also included. TIDE TABLES 2022 also includes a list of weather-service telephone numbers, and the radio weather-forecast schedules on national radios and marine VHF coastguard channels.

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All Ireland Tide Table 2022

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