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  • Frog Hair Preformance Tippet



Frog Hair high performance tippet materials are designed to provide maximum performance. Built to exacting standards and produced using GAMMA’s exclusive process, Frog Hair tippet materials have built-in ''Shock Resistance'' and the highest combination of strength, diameter, and suppleness compared to other leading tippet materials. 

With Frog Hair Tippet and Leaders, you’ll experience stronger knots that draw down smooth and tight, less drag for the most natural presentation possible, and more takes, hookups, and landed fish. Give yourself a competitive edge for a more enjoyable fishing experience.

Frog Hair leader and butt materials have built-in shock resistance, with a unique suppleness that produces the most delicate presentation with exceptional turnover.

Breaking Strain: 
4.9lb (0.152mm)
6.2lb (0.178mm)

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Frog Hair Preformance Tippet

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