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  • Stroft GTM Monofil

Stroft GTM Monofil 100m spool

Stroft is the choice of an active angler for all types of fishing. This Stroft fishing line is soft and it has excellent pulling strength. The silicon PTFE used in the line lengthens its life span and makes it easy to handle even in winter conditions.

• Good knot strength

• Excellent fly leader material 

1kg      2.2lb 0.08mm   €6.10
1.4kg   3lb   0.10mm    €6.10
1.8kg   4lb   0.12mm    €6.50
2.3kg   5lb   0.14mm    €6.80
3kg      6lb   0.16mm    €7.40
3.6kg   8lb   0.18mm    €7.85
4.2kg   10lb  0.20mm    €8.15
5.1kg   12lb  0.22mm    €8.45
6.4kg   14lb  0.25mm    €8.65
7.3kg   16lb  0.28mm    €9.50
8.1kg   18lb  0.30mm   €10.45
10.5kg 23lb  0.35mm   €11.90
14kg    30lb  0.40mm   €11.90

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Stroft GTM Monofil

  • Brand: Stroft
  • Product Code: #1817
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €6.10

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