• Keitech Easy Shiner soft lure- Lemon Bubble Gum

Available in: 5cm (12 in a packet) and 7.5cm (10 in a packet)

Colour: Lemon Bubble Gum

Keitech’s Easy Shiner has been around for a few years and is guaranteed not to disappoint.

Drawing on inspirations from their tried and tested range of Shad Impact and Swing Impact soft plastic baits, the Easy Shiner can only be best described as a hybrid of both these models.

The Keitech Easy Shiner has the head and torso of the Shad Impact model and the soft paddle tail of the Swing Impact model, resulting in this hybrid inheriting all the best design aspects and attributes of each model.

A. Extremely Realistic Life-Like Action

1. Super soft PVC construction – to ensure maximum action

2. Natural fish shape – to mimic an actual baitfish

3. Deep grooved belly channel – to enhance rolling action, to mimic an actual baitfish

4. Salt infused material in lower bottom selection – to create lower CG density to produce side to side wobble whilst maintaining a horizontal swimming posture

5. T-Shaped paddle tail connected to a thin body section – that comes alive even on a super slow retrieve

B. Extremely Realistic Life-Like Appearance

1. A 2 tone body colour contrast with a choice between more natural bait colours or solid colours accentuated with extra multi-coloured glitter – to create belly flash leading to increased strike rates

2. Many colors to “match the hatch” – to meet every fishing occasion

3. Strong squid scent – to tempt the most reserved of fish

4. Salt infused material – to enhance scent levels

C. Extremely Versatile And Easy To Use

1. Can be rigged in any style – no sinker rig, jig head, Texas, Carolina rig, down shot…

2. Central dorsal grooved channel – to rig weedless

3. Central slit line in abdomen – to improve rigging accuracy

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Keitech Easy Shiner soft lure- Lemon Bubble Gum

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